The Reason This Website Exists Is Because The Alternative Cancer Treatments You Find Here, ACTUALLY WORK

Cancer Survivor Peggy Sue Roberts

An alternative cancer clinic saved my life in 2007.  Hi, I’m Peggy Sue Roberts, a 9-year, stage-4 cancer survivor.  I live in Southern California, and I'm very blessed to be alive today. I certainly wouldn’t be here today if I took the medical advice of my conventional oncologist.  He didn't give me a chemo sensitivity test, and his chemo almost killed me. He simply said oncology couldn’t do anything else for me because of my near death reaction to their poisonous chemotherapy, and he sent me home to die.

This happened to me in 2007.  After going to an alternative cancer cancer clinic, I’ve enjoyed 9-additional years of life that's been given to me. Today in 2016, I feel great, and I thank the Lord for the additional time with my family. 

4 Types Of Alternative Cancer Treatments Proven To Work:

1. Biophotonic Therapy- is the next generation of wellness care. This is the process of using light to carry information into the body. This therapy is used to repair a multitude of diseases and ailments. It combines the best of Western medical photonics & electron technology with the purest natural botanicals (plants), herbs, and amino acids to produce a bio-treatment system that represents the best combination of modern and ancient practices. You can get this at a top natural clinic and you can get biophotonic therapy at home.

Biophotonic therapy home unit.

2.  A healthy, properly functioning immune system is essential to having a normal life. If you have tumors, your immune system isn't functioning correctly. Immunotherapy was called the "Cancer Breakthrough of the Year" in 2013.  You can get this treatment at a top natural clinic and you can boost your immune system at home with an immune booster

Atlternative Cancer Treatments Work

3. Heat - That’s right; research shows heat treats cancer. In 1965 the European Journal of Oncology reported heat showed signs of damaging cancer cells. You can get this treatment at a top natural clinic and you can do this at home with the hyperthermia equipment

Atlternative Cancer Treatments Work

4. Oxygen - Experts suggest the underlying cause of tumors is low cellular oxygenation levels. In 1931 Dr. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving tumors are caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. You can get this treatment at a top natural clinic and you can get oxygen treatment at home.

Atlternative Cancer Treatments Work

Places You Can Go To Get Natural Alternative Treatments:

  • United States: The best place in the USA is the greater Phoenix Arizona area. 
  • MexicoThese are usually located in border towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. The laws in Mexico allow clinics and hospitals to treat their patients with only natural treatments when appropriate. 
  • GermanyTheir laws allow the doctors to treatment patients with natural treatments. However, they are significantly more expensive than Mexico.

What Are Your Possible Survival Chances

Many people have overcome cancer by using alternative cancer treatments.

We send out thousands of newsletters each month. The following feedback is from patients who have been to clinics we recommended and some treated themselves at home: 

  • (85+%) of patients are alive and well 5+ years later, even if they were in stage-4 and have been sent home to die like I was in January 2007. I'd say your chances are pretty good!  Note ** If you decided to go to a clinic you should speak with the medical director to see if he/she feels they can help you. If you decide to use home biophotonic therapy you should speak with the company to see if they feel their treatments are right for you.  

Cancer Clinic Earns Cancer Survivor Peggy Sue's Endorsement

Cancer Survivor Peggy Sue Roberts, son Rusty, & husband Jim

We wish you and your family the best of health and happiness.

God bless you,

  • Stage-4 cancer survivor family
  • Peggy Sue, Jim, and Rusty Roberts
  • Southern California, USA

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